Liaison Work

Liaison Work

Advocate Sanjay K Sharma who is being the best advocate and Divorce Lawyer in Dwarka Court, we play a pivotal role when it comes to liaison services. We maintain transparency and as a liaison consultant, we form the perfect entity to strike communication among the agencies. Alongside, with our ace liaison services in India, we take care of detailed planning, co-ordination, smooth execution and completion of the project.

Efficient Liaison Consultant

We believe in long-term association and so we take up this great responsibility of liaison services to meet your goals. There are many agencies in the construction industry but having an intermediary is important and that’s when Sanjay k Sharma step in. Several times, while constructing a structure, the owners are unaware about the laws of that particular area or territory thus landing them in limbo. But in a situation like this, Sanjay k Sharma plays the role of liaison consultant with finesse. 

We are fully aware of the clauses and laws that are required before kick-starting the construction site. As liaison consultants, we are familiar with laying a successful foundation step-by-step. Above all, being proficient in liaison services in India, we know which officer to approach, and when to approach thus simplifying the process efficiently. And we have gained all this know-how with immense experience and market research in the field of liaison services, thus emerging a winner in the competitive market of liaison services.

Liaison Work – Birth & Death Certificate, Delayed Birth & Death Order, Income & E.W.S. Certificate, S.C./ S.T./ O.B.C. Certificate, Surviving Member Certificate, Domicile Certificate, Marriage Registration, on line F.I.R., police clearance certificate, tenant/domestic servant & employee verification, passport, pan card, driving licence, vehicle r/c transfer, all types of online application form, trade / food/ restaurant / storage & veterinary licenses, conversion of property (from leasehold to freehold), property tax, mutation etc., apply of water and electric connection, name change (gazette publication)